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News  January/ February 2023      

Eddies first breath by DMHStudio
Check out the kit updates:

Silicone Kit NEWS

Toman'o  * 12 month size fb boy getting sculpted 

SARAH  *  mold is getting adjusted and PROTOTYPE is cast!! 

Emily *newborn size full body getting sculpted

Camillo *newborn size full body 

Zoey  *newborn size full body

Si 14  * Animatronic Baby  

Vinyl Kit News 

Leandre * at the factory  for production by City Of Reborn Angels

Nikolas  * at the factory for production by DM-H Studio 

Angelique Joy *at the factory for production by DM-H Studio 

Kori produced by City Of Reborn Angels

Selene & Nyx *at the factory for production by DM-H Studio; these are alternative kits  

Completed Babies for Sale up next

Sarah (prototype created by me)


Dean stars in Hollywood!   

Click here 
for the link to the film 

The long awaited movie announcement is here! Our silicone baby Dean will be starring in the thriller "ABANDONED" together with Emma Roberts, Michael  Shannon, and John Gallagher Jr. 

Written by Spencer Squire, Jessica Scott, and Erik Patterson, the story follows a mother, father, and infant son as they move into a remote farmhouse, which harbors a dark, tragic history. As their home’s past is revealed, the mother’s fragility escalates to a state of psychosis that jeopardizes her own safety and that of her newborn son. Click on the image for more info. 



FEATURED:  November Rayn, prototypes by Silvia Creations,  Aurora De Giovanni Lucas, Shea Romero, Anna Mellman, Nicoleta Carmanschi, Cynthia Nance, Doris Moyers-Hornbogen

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