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May 2021

MaryJo vinyl kits are getting closer to coming to our dealers! The factory wrote to us on April 18, "Not yet, could be mid of next week. The production [of vinyl kits] currently is very full, it will be arranged end of the month the soonest...MaryJo in early May."


have had the same issues: We are actually getting the new sample arms this coming week to be approved. The delays have been excruciating due to much miscommunication and reworking the kits. All good things take time. 

Currently we are running the following kits:




New SILICONE kits coming soon 

KNOX HARLAN  - all but one kits are spoken for at this time.  


Athena May

* MaryJo painting CONTEST details will be announced as soon as the kits have shipped. 

General Information: 

Please review purchasing agreement for each purchase. Restocking fee applies. 

For questions, send me an email or Facebook message. Due to high message volume, please allow a day's response time. Thank you! 


Shipping cost applies; international shipping available upon request. Allow 3 - 5 days for processing shipments. 

Payment Plans available 

Purchase Agreement applies; click here

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