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Reborn Silicone dolls

Bulk Discounts

Purchase  VINYL doll KITS in bulk and save $$$

Buy 5    kits and save 10 %  retail price

Buy 10 kits and save 30 %  retail price

Buy 25 kits and save 35%  retail price

Buy 50 kits and save 40%  retail price

Contact to set up your bulk order.

       Example: buy 10 kits and pay 76 USD per kit.

                                 buy 50 kits and pay 66 USD per kit.


International Shipping

For international customers: You may place your order directly through in order to receive a PayPal invoice that accounts for international shipping. 

National and International shipping rates have increased. We strive to select the cheapest shipping for you. Please be patient at this time due to world-wide shipping delays. DM-H Studio cannot guarantee arrival times.  

Prior to items being shipped, shipping costs are recalculated for accuracy. UPS is our current international shipping courier.

Reborn Silicone dolls DOris Moyers-Hornbogen
Reborn Silicone dolls DOris Moyers-Hornbogen

Join Our Reborn Facebook Group

Click on this link to be connected with a group of like-minded individuals who love to share everything about Reborns, reborning, doll collecting, and trouble-shooting. Become involved in your hobby; make friends; gain a support network; learn.

Reborn Silicone dolls DOris Moyers-Hornbogen Emma Roberts John Gallagher Michael Shannon

Film and Commercial:
Faux Baby as a Stand-In  for movies

Reborn Silicone dolls DOris Moyers-Hornbogen Emma Roberts Michael Shannon
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