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"Limerence" - Elf Fantasy Doll Kit - click on the link to order

"Limerence" - Elf Fantasy Doll Kit - click on the link to order


Click this link to order: EnchantedKreatureKits


"Limerence":  the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily. (Oxford)

This sweet little Fae baby will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. He lives up to his name 100%

Limerence was sculpted by the extremely talented Doris Moyers-Hornbogen. He can become an Elfling, a Hobgoblin, an Avatar or any other Fae baby you desire. He is an open book of possibilities!

EKK took over production on this gorgeous babe late in the game. He is missing the normal "EKK"  markings and "kit name"  on his neck because we took over production AFTER he was already molded, but I assure you he is an authentic EKK kit like all the rest we at EKK produce. 

Limerence will be a Limited edition of 1000 kits world wide. After he is sold out NO MORE vinyl limerence kits will be produced. 

Limerence is currently the largest/oldest true to (human) size Elfling kit currently made, measuring a full 22 inches of adorableness! He takes 22-24 mm eyes and has full arms and legs, allowing him to wear a variety of adorable clothes.

Limerence will come with 5 vinyl pieces (head, arms, legs) a cloth body and a numbered Limited edition COA. 

We have gotten a partial shipment in on Limerence and will open him up for sales starting Friday May 20th at 7am EST.

Limerence is ONLY Available through

EKK USA and   EKK UK   and     EKK Down Under.

This is so we can keep prices lower for our customers. Each location has limited quantities in this first batch of kits. More kits will come back in a few months time if you miss out in the first round. 

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