MaryJo    Reborning      CHALLENGE 
Spread the Love for babies with Down syndrome 

WHEN : June 24 to July 8 (deadline is July 8 at 9pm); Prototype artists get on average 3 to 4 weeks to complete a Reborn.

HOW : On June 24 I will make a post on the Facebook Studio Page, announcing the Reborning Challenge. You will post 3 images of your completed  MaryJo  in the comments (1 close up, 1 full body, 1 image of your choice). The image with the most LIKES wins: Have your friends and family vote. Advertising the newly released Reborn kit includes advertising it and sharing it with your friends. Excellent customer service is key. Click here for added information:


The job of a prototype artist includes clean, neatly executed paint jobs. I value technique and knowledge of paint theory and application. Air dry as well as GHSPs are expected for vinyl work. Photography is vital for a successful job completion and the prototype artist is asked to share over 35 high quality images used for marketing the kit. 

WHAT : FANTASY and HUMAN variations of MARYJO are very welcome - EXCEPT bloody alternative variations; we want to keep it PG. MaryJo kits are the only kits I will be accepting for this challenge.

You will NEED a logo - or your nursery/ artist information on the image. If you don't have a good editing system for that or need a logo, get it set up and figured out. You will need it for any prototype work.

I am looking for QUALITY and CREATIVITY. All work has to be done by you: hair rooting or painting & air dry or GHSP applications to be considered.
If you need a MaryJo kit, get it at or any of your country's dealers. 

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