SOLD OUT "Evanesce" full body silicone doll kit (blank)

SOLD OUT "Evanesce" full body silicone doll kit (blank)



Double click the image to view the details. this is a larger newborn to one month old baby. She weighs over 10 lbs and is cast in EcoFlex 10. 

ALLOW 3 WEEKS PROCESSING TIME as each kit is cast in the order it is received.



NOT trimmed and NOT patched means that you will receive the kit as it was pulled out of the mold including pourspout and seams that will need to be trimmed and patched by the painter. 

As some artists want to save some money by trimming and patching themselves, I am offering an Un-Trimmed version of this kit at a 350 USD discount, which reflects material and labor costs. 

Other options include: 

  • Eyes opened for 50 USD

  • Armatures in arms 99.50 USD 

  • Drink/wet tubing 150 USD (includes mouth opening) 



Keep out of reach of children. This kit is not a toy. 

Only ships to PayPal Address. 

No refunds or exchanges; ask questions before buying


It is understood that you, client, are 18 years or older and are purchasing a piece of art. You, client, acknowledge that this transaction is authorized and any attempt to file a claim at DM-H Studio or its owner disputing this fact is considered theft and will be prosecuted. You, client, agree to be subject to Indiana, USA, jurisdiction and to pay any and all legal fees that are accrued due to fraudulent claims.

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