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SOLD OUT "Luan" fb silicone doll kit Newborn size

SOLD OUT "Luan" fb silicone doll kit Newborn size




Luan is a newborn size full body silicone boy of 8 lbs and 14 ounces (4.03 kg) at and 20 and one half inch (50 cm) in length when legs are straightened. He is similar in style to the Christiana Clara kit but has some different features. This kit will come as an UN-Painted, BLANK full body silicone kit and will need to be painted. He will NOT have modifications (such as opened mouth opened eyes, drink/ wet tubing, or armatures). These services can be added upon request. 


He is being cast in Ecoflex 20 PLUS slacker for softness (shore hardnss 00) unless otherwise specifid or requested. His base color is a warm pink flesh for optimal paint results (custom darker or lighter colors available with upcharge). He is cast IN ONE piece.


If you are a collector and need an artist to paint the baby, check out this list: Custom job

For additional questions email me at 


Here is the link to the Purchasing Agreement. Please review prior to making your deposit. 


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