PAYMENT PLAN 'Aureolin" Squinting Newborn Full Body Silicone Kit

PAYMENT PLAN 'Aureolin" Squinting Newborn Full Body Silicone Kit

$1,575.00 Regular Price
$475.00Sale Price

 PLEASE READ - DOWNPAYMENT of 475 USD > You will receive an invoice for the balance 

This kit is open to payment plans now. This purchase is the down payment of 500 on a 1600 USD kit. You will be able to make payments through a PayPal invoice. The invoice is an OPEN invoice that allows you to make monthly payenys at your convenience. Casting of the kit occurs when half or more of the kit price has been paid. Down payments are non-refundable.


Approximately 7 lbs  newborn size baby girl (comes as girl only)

She can have one OR BOTH eyes opened. 

The kit is cast in one piece; 

Trimming and patching is included in the cost. 

Opening eyes: 100 USD

Drink/Wet 200 USD 

Armatuers: 200 USD

Ecoflex 10 neutral color; Other colors are available upon request


Her Name

Aureolin is a cobalt yellow color, named after "a circle of light or brightness surrounding something, especially as depicted in art around the head or body of a person represented as holy" (dictionary). The cobalt yellow color pigment "was first made in 1848 by Nikolaus Wolfgang Fischer in Breslau and its chemical composition is potassium cobaltinitrite" (Wikipedia).


Features of Aureolin

Aureolin is sculpted in the image of baby Meadow at newborn age. Huge Thank You to her mom Marissa Russo! Her smile reminded me of sun sparkling on water; the breakin of sunrays on a warm spring morning. 

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