Too close to fire 22mm

Too close to fire 22mm

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Expect variations and imperfections as each eye is handcrafted.

Do not subject to heat or chemicals.

Clean with a clean, soft cloth.

Keep out of reach of children.

Only ships to PayPal Address (ships within  3 - 5 days; tracking received through PP email)

No refunds or exchanges; ask questions before buying


As your item contains resin, be aware that ALL resin yellows over time. Resin used by DM-H Studio is the best non-yellowing resin currently available; it is NON VOCs/COV and BPA free. But keep your item out of UV light to minimize yellowing and fading. 

It is understood that you, client, are 18 years or older and are purchasing a piece of art. You, client, acknowledge that this transaction is authorized and any attempt to file a claim at DM-H Studio or its owner disputing this fact is considered theft and will be prosecuted. You, client, agree to be subject to Indiana, USA, jurisdiction and to pay any and all legal fees that are accrued due to fraudulent claims.