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Reborn Silicone dolls


Purchasing Information for Doll Kits & Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls are a genre of doll making. I offer completed dolls (painted and with hair) and silicone doll kits (blank, unpainted). I also specialize in doll eyes. Everything is handcrafted with much attention to detail; we appreciate your patience during all processes. I place all ready-to-ship items in my SHOP . I  accept commission work when time allows. Any special requests can be made via social media or email. Contact me at Due to the large volume of inquiries, I am asking for your patience in my replies. Thank you! 

Reborn Baby Doll and Doll Kit Commission and Purchase Specifications


TERMS AND CONDITIONS : It is understood that you, client, are 18 years or older and are purchasing a piece of art. The credit card and/ or PayPal information you supply to us is true, correct, and complete; you are duly authorized to use such credit card for the purchase. You, client, acknowledge that this transaction is authorized and any attempt to file a claim at DM-H Studio or its owner disputing this fact is considered theft and will be prosecuted. You agree to be subject to Indiana, USA, jurisdiction and to pay any and all legal fees that are accrued due to fraudulent claims.

Shipping Risks: Title and risk of loss pass to you upon our transfer of the products to the carrier. Shipping and delivery dates are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed by DM-H Studio. We are not liable for any delays in shipments as DM-H Studio neither owns nor operates shipping carriers. If you encounter a shipping error or delay, call USPS (or any other specified carrier). We will open claims and communicate with shipping companies on your behalf if requested. All items are shipped with insurance that will cover any replacement. The Attorney General is the best resource if the USPS postal service is unresponsive to claims and parcel searches.

International Shipping: DM-H Studio is located in the United States of America; you, the buyer, is responsible to understand his/her country's import fees, customs charges, regulations and currency exchange rates. The buyer accepts responsibility for following his/her country's laws.


PAYMENTS : A non refundable deposit is required immediately via PayPal in order to hold a doll or place a custom order. This covers initial costs of materials such as the kit and to begin work. The balance is payable on completion of the work via PayPal (seller protection applies). If you wish to pay by installments, your predetermined payment amount is due on the specified date of each month (you choose the dates and are expected to fulfill). Once the balance is paid, the doll will be shipped USPS with tracking, signature, and insurance. You can expect regular progress photos. If you are unable to make payments in accordance to your payment plan (no more than seven [7] days overdue), you will forfeit your deposit and payments, and the doll will be put up for sale. At this time, you will have the choice of paying the remainder in full and still receive your doll. 

PAYMENTS for doll KITS: I accept flexible payment plans that work for you. An invoice is created through PayPal that will be open and accessible to you at any time. A kit is typically cast (poured) after at least half of the invoice is paid off. Casting a kit involves mold preparation, material purchases, the actual casting of the kit, and subsequent demolding. I do not provide refunds due to this process that begins when your order is placed. We will work with you should you have difficulty making your payments; please communicate any discrepancy directly. We are often also taking paid-in-full orders through our website that will be cast and processed immediately. As we are trying to be as flexible as possible for you to obtain your dream kit, we also ask for flexibility during this process.

*** If you choose to extend your payments past 6 months, I cannot guarantee that the mold will stay intact and you accept a kit-substitution of equal value. I do not provide refunds for extensive payment plans, only exchanges. 

**** If you are paying on multiple kits at one time, please be aware that each purchase is its separate contract and cannot be interchanged; you cannot transfer payments from one item to another. You will not be able to purchase additional kits until current kits are paid off. 


GUARANTEES : Resale voids all guarantees because I cannot warrant that homes are free of pests and unpleasant odors. Wear from handling or storage, play by children, and exposure to pets and smoke also void all warranty. Shipping related quality problems need to be filed immediately with the shipping carrier's insurance department; DM-H Studio is not responsible for shipping related issues. I do, however, guarantee that my processes are standard in the industry. I use highest quality materials and spend much time reviewing details of each reborn doll and doll kits. I guarantee the quality of all doll kits that leave the Studio. Any quality issues will be replaced by the Studio in the earliest possible time frame. This covers issues during the molding process, casting process, and trimming/patching process as well as for kit payment plans. All quality issues have to be reported to DM-H Studio immediately after receiving the kit for replacement purposes; within 5 business days of receiving the item. Shipment costs will get credited toward any future purchases from DM-H Studio. 


REFUNDS : I am a Freelance Artist and depend on the sale of my art pieces. Therefore, I do not provide refunds for my art because of buyer's remorse. Please review any and all items sufficiently before making the commitment to buy. Any requested refunds will automatically constitute the end of any and all business relations between buyer and seller. 

DM-H Studio will retain the right to reject, refuse, and terminate any business relations for sales and services of any items from the studio at any time. It is always in our intent to maintain positive relationships with clients; however, when a working relationship is no longer possible, we will leave the business relationship with clients made whole as per our agreement. 

Should DM-H Studio agree to a refund or return/ exchange due to a quality oversight, no alterations are accepted; the transaction has to go through PayPal (or other as specified in writing); pictures and grounds for return requests have to be provided; exposure to smoke will void a refund because it makes the item ineligible for resale. Custom orders or commissions of any kind are non- refundable due to the doll's specific modifications (i.e. hair color and eye color), specific kit modifications, or time and labor involved in the process; deposits are non-refundable. All returns are subject to a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee.

KIT REFUNDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED due potential contamination of the silicone through contact with latex and other inhibiting materials. Exchanges for quality reasons are subject to an exchange of kits of equal value. If you need to have your kit replaced or returned for any reason such as repair, modification, return, each party is responsible for their respective return shipping costs. 


I have no control over the many processing variables associated with working with the silicone kits including but not limited to the complexity of the project, aptitude of the user (experience and ability), and processing conditions such as environment.  I always recommend doing a small-scale material test before applying paints for a critical project or application. Accordingly, you agree and acknowledge that you are accepting our products on an “as-is” and “with all faults” basis. 


Modifications of the Specifications have to be in written form.



Please contact me at with questions. Thank you for your support.



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