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Silicone Kits  by  DM-H Studio 


4 - 6  weeks Production Time due to the labor intensive casting process, we are asking time to process your custom kit. Kits are cast and worked in the order they are received.  Kits come WITHOUT modifications other than those specified for each kit (please see EXTRAS below). I work with everyone's individual payment plan; your patience is required during this process. It is recommended that you paint the silicone kit within 6 months or have an artist set up to paint your kit before purchasing.  

Trimming and Patching:  Kits are made by pouring liquid silicone into molds. When these blank kits are demolded, seams appear from where the mold is put together. These seams and the pour spouts have to be trimmed up and patched, so they can't be seen.  All kits are cast in a SmoothOn Platinum softblend silicone unless otherwise specified. 

Kits labeled SOLD OUT are no longer available.


Color: Silicone color is usually kept light flesh tone. This canvas color works great for the primary painting method.  We happily cast in any custom color you select when you purchase your custom-cast kit. An added fee is applied for this service. 

Armatures add 200 USD per set; wrist to shoulder for arms; ankle to hip for legs

Drink/Wet add 500 USD  on select kits only 

Slacker  all kits come with 25% slacker; check availability for added slacker for a specific kit

Opening Mouth plus set of gums and tongue; comes separate 50 USD newborn size, unpainted 

Opening Eyes 50 USD on select kits only

Set of Gums and Tongue only 25 USD newborn size, unpainted 

Payment Plans are available for most items. Your kit will be scheduled to be poured when the balance is paid full or close to full. 

Open Payment Plans:  I create an invoice in PayPal and you pay it off at your convenience. You kit will be put in queue of all orders in process  and poured/ cast when your balance is paid off.  

Ready-To-Ship kits  please check out the SHOP page; otherwise, allow 4 - 6 weeks for your custom kit to be shipped. If your payments exceed 6 months, you  agree  to taking a replacement kit at equal value of your choice as it is possible that mold will not hold up.  Please review each listing carefully, as I do not provide refunds on blank silicone kits due to issues with contamination or mold loss. Click here for the purchasing agreement

Payment Options: PayPal, Zelle, Money Orders, Wiretransfer; SHIPPING Costs for Payment Plans: may need to be adjusted in accordance with fluctuating shipping rates. 

Pre-orders:  Your down-payment holds your casting spot in the order it was received.. Pre-order deposits are none refundable. Remainder of the cost of the kit is invoiced close to when your kit is being cast. 

Contact me if you don't see your modification services or  need your questions answered.

Thank you, Doris!

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