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"Nikolas" VINYL kit (unpainted) Limited edition of 325

"Nikolas" VINYL kit (unpainted) Limited edition of 325


Newborn size 19-20 inch VINYL doll KIT (unassembled, unpainted).

~ LIMITED EDITION of 325 blank kits World Wide

Since this is such a limited edition, DM-H Studio is asking for the full amount and kits will ship as soon as they arrive from the factory. Please note that each of our dealers operates differently; variations will occur. 

More about Nikolas:

He is a LifeBorn kit. His hands and feet are an amalgamation of 3 life babies' hand and feet casts that didn't turn out during casting and that I partially sculpted for this project. 


Awake newborn 

Eye size 20mm

cloth body 



To find your dealer's link, scroll to the bottom of the vinyl kit page. Their prices and shipping costs may vary. DM-H Studio charges shipping of 17 USD at checkout. Dealer shipping dates and rates will vary as each dealer received their kits at different times. Please review your kit within 48 hours and inform us of any issues at that time. ALso, please review our purchasing agreement here.

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