October 2020   

    ATTENTION Post Price Increase 

    The US Post increased their prices from Oct 18 through Dec 27. Find information     

    here: US Postal Service Announcement Temporary Price Increase 

  • New sculpts are coming out:  

Limerence the Hobgoblin (vinyl only)

MaryJo a toddler portraying Down syndrome (vinyl only - in molding at the factory now) 

Chaos (vinyl only)

  • Evanesce - a new chunky fbs baby girl - is finished getting MOLDED!!! 

  • Everlee's Artist Proof kits are being painted and adjustments to the kits being made. Jade Warner will be creating a prototype from one of the APs as well. 

  • Please review purchasing agreement for each purchase. Restocking fee applies. 

For questions, send me an email or Facebook message. Due to high message volume, please allow a day's response time. Thank you! 

Shipping cost applies; international shipping available upon request. Allow 3 - 5 days for processing shipments. 

Payment Plans available 

Purchase Agreement applies


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