How does it work?

Each silicone and vinyl kit begins with a clay sculpt. It takes several weeks to complete a sculpt. If you want to have a portrait baby sculpted, this is where we start:

Phase 1  - the Sculpt

Depending on the size of the sculpt you choose, this service costs approximately 4,500 USD. I will need several measurements and high-quality images from various angles.


When the sculpt is completed, the mold gets made. That can take up several weeks, depending on the style of mold for each sculpt. After the completion of the mold, the silicone gets cast.

The Molding and Casting is Phase 2  and costs approximately 1,000 USD.

IMG_4661 (1) (1).jpg

Phase 3 - At this point, either the blank silicone kit is sold to artists to be painted or the painting process begins right here in the studio. I typically paint about  2  kits myself for sale. This will be determined by the overall goal: blank kits for sale, a one-time commission baby, or completed babies only etc.  Completed babies range approximately 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD depending on size and style.


Painting is followed by rooting hair into the baby's head. Each of these process is very time consuming and varies. If you are interested in a commission, I encourage you to get in touch for a quote for a specific baby >