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reborn silicone doll

Scroll down to read about the LycanCub Golden Stub


 The 2024 LycanCub Master   Painter Award   goes to ______ 

 Check out the LycanCub Facebook Group here: LycanLife


Guardians of the LycanCub Den

A group of dedicated women artists banded together in the spring of 2023 to create a den for our Studio's first humanoid wolf  babies, sculpted by Doris Moyers-Hornbogen in 2022 and produced in vinyl the following year.  Prototype Artists Jodie Lombardo, Heather Angel,  Tanya Folgore, Katina Fleming, TF Creative Art, and Kathy Dodson have been meticulously and diligently working to paint spectacular vinyl doll samples of these hybrid Reborn dolls.  Here is our story.


Nyx (awake) and Selene (asleep) are produced in vinyl as blank vinyl doll kits to be reborn by artists into Alternative Reborn Dolls.


What are LycanCubs?

Every creature needs a family. LycanCubs don't have mothers in a sense that other babies have. Lycans are created by the bite of werewolf or another lycan. 

That is the reason we have Guardians, or surrogate women artists, who care for and help these hybrid babies, providing  a warm and loving den while each LycanCub transforms into their unique personality.

LycanCubs are very strong-willed. Lycans are able to transform at will at any time and any place, making the rearing of them twice as challenging. This is called controlled transformation. The babies become strong  quickly, 

Lycans are
humanoid wolves. The name is derived from ancient Greek lykánthropos (λυκάνθρωπος): λύκος, lýkos ("wolf") + άνθρωπος, ánthrōpos ("man") . Lycan tales have existed long ago, such as LYKAON being turned into a wolf by the god Zeus in revenge, 

But little has been told about the
birthing stories of Lycans. That is what you will be experiencing here with us! Come along on the quest to shelter LycanCubs!
dm-H studio
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen

About VINYL LycanCubs & their Guardians 

Tanya Folgore

Tanya is a Prototype Artist who focuses on fabricating Fancy, Furry, Fuzzy, and Frizzy Fantasy Foundlings. 

FB: Folgore Fantasy Nursery

Instagram and TikTok: @bumblebeanbaby

Tanya describes her LycanCubs as follows: "Selene is the sweetest sleeper and loves to cuddle. She is a girly girl and enjoys wearing dresses with anything from the forest especially flowers. Nyx is a cautious LycanCub. She sees and hears everything and especially loves a full moon. Be cautious at this time because mischief will definitely happen and things can get quite hairy."

Kathy Dodson

Kathy is the artist behind Bearysweethearts Creative Cradle, a nursery that loves and creates realism in humans, fantasy, and all varieties of alternative Sweethearts.

FB: BearySweethearts Creative Cradle
Instagram: Bearysweethearts My cubs

"My Lycan cubs are siblings Selene and sister Nyx. They are considered cherished royalty. They live in an 18th-century castle in a lost forest in Ole England. Both cubs live and thrive in a very sheltered lifestyle by day, but as the days go long and the sun goes down, they become eager to roam, run, and play showing characteristics of the hunt..."


Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen

TF Creative Art

Tanya is the artist behind dolls that are realistic, lifelike, furry fantasy and sometimes out of this world! Creations from the heart and mind.
FB: TF CreativeArt
"About my Lycan cub: Nyx is getting ready for her baptism by moonlight ceremony. The moon is right for family, friends and creatures alike to formally welcome this new Lycan cub into the pack."

Heather Angel

Heather Angel Fallen Angels Nursery is a sanctuary to immortal children. Creating hyper realistic newborn fledglings since 2008,

social media: Fallen Angels Nursery
Instagram and YouTube: Fall
en Angels Nursery 

"My LycanCubs were born from a human mother who had been bitten by a werewolf. Very human like in appearance, due to clinging to their humanity. Freshly birthed with umbilical cords still intact, but I’m sure they will start shifting at any moment. They are telepathic with each other. Both, even as fledglings, show a great deal of empathy towards each other and their Foster Mom Heather. They will grow up to be protectors of humans."

Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Katina Fleming 

Katina Lee Babies is a nursery for realistic human infant and toddler dolls as well as enchanted fantasy babies.

FB: Katina Lee Babies

Instagram: Katina Lee Babies 

"My Lycan cub Selene is a sweet Caracal hybrid who lives on the Savannah. She loves to sleep all day because at night, she has to do her goddess duties and pull the moon across the sky with her chariot. This sweet girl lives the best of both worlds, natural and supernatural."

Jodie Lombardo

As a reborn artist, Jodie says, she strives to create dolls that are not just lifelike but also imbued with a sense of magic and fantasy. Her dolls are not just toys; they are works of art that transport their owners to a world of whimsy and wonder.

FB: My Sweet Little Angels Reborn Nursery

"In the heart of the savannah, two LycanCubs were born to a proud and noble alpha pair. These cubs were not like any others, for they resembled lions in both appearance and temperament. They were named Selene and Nyx, and they were inseparable from the moment they took their first steps. The cubs enjoy playing and exploring the savannah together. Selene and Nyx are fierce and brave, always ready to defend their pack from any danger. The lycan cubs are known for their strength, loyalty, and unwavering courage."

Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen

LycanCub Golden Stub

Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen

I have surprises for you that are even more marvelous and even more fantastic - mystic and marvelous surprises that will entice, delight, intrigue, astonish and perplex you beyond measure. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine such things could happen to you!

                                                                                                                                                         Willie Wonka


3 Golden Stubs have been created and put into circulation for THREE  lucky WINNERS  of a partial SILICONE LycanCub KIT. The winners will be drawn from each kit order; if you purchase 2 kits, your email will be entered 2 times into the drawing for one partial LycanCub silicone kit.

* Each silicone kit requires a minimum of 200 vinyl kit orders. For each subsequent 200 vinyl kit orders,  a silicone kit will go into the drawing up to 3 silicone kits. 

In order to get a chance to receive a Golden Stub, the kits have to be purchased from this website, not a dealer who carries the kits.  ONLY during PRE-ORDER. Silicone kits will become available for purchase at a later date. 

The winner(s) will receive their GOLDEN STUB in the same box in which their vinyl kit(s) come. 

*The winner may request a vinyl kit instead of silicone.

Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Lycan cub doris moyers-hornbogen
Collectible Lycan Cubs: What's coming next 
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