Silicone Kits produced by DM-H Studio 


Normally, there is about a  3 weeks production time due to the labor intensive casting process. Kits are cast and worked in the order they are received. 

Kits come WITHOUT modifications other than those specified for each kit. Contact me if you don't see your modification services or  any questions.  

Trimming and Patching:  Kits are made by pouring liquid silicone into molds. When these blank kits are demolded, seams appear from where the mold is put together. These seams and the pour spouts have to be trimmed up and patched, so they can't be seen. DM-H Studio offers discounts for un-trimmed and un-patched kits. 

All kits are cast in straight SmoothOn ECOFLEX 10 without exception. We  like to work from a neutral canvas, so we are keeping the silicone color light and flexible for any skin tone you would like to create. This canvas color works great for the primary painting method.  We happily cast in any custom color you select when you purchase a custom-cast kit.

For ready-to-ship kits please check out the SHOP page; otherwise, allow 2- 4 weeks for your kit to be shipped. Please read the title for availability and contact for inquiries or payment plans. Please review each listing carefully, as I do not provide refunds on blank silicone kits due to issues with contamination. Click here for the purchasing agreement.

Thank you, Doris!

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