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working on orders: "Tadeo's Sis" full body silicone kit

working on orders: "Tadeo's Sis" full body silicone kit


Tadeo is sold out ... BUT, did you know, he has a sister?!? 


Preorder amount 500 USD 

Total cost of the kit 1900 USD

PLEASE READ before committing to your Order

This kit is cast for each order fresh and needs processing time (trimming and patching). Please remember that we are artists, who work every day on various requests, orders, shipments, invoices, messages, and art. We appreciate your patience! Every doll and kit is important to us and we love what we do. 

Tadeo's Sis is create out of the original Tadeo sculpt ~ With Permission by Leonidus Zeus, we used Tadeo's Sister's newborn likenbess and the real hand and feet casts of Tadeo to create this kit. Leonidus Zeus will also create a prototype from this kit. 


Tadeo's Sis kit is a 20.5 inches long and about 9 lbs anatomically correct baby girl. She is cast IN ONE piece and will come as an UN-Painted, BLANK full body silicone kit and will need to be painted. She will NOT have modifications (such as opened mouth opened eyes, drink/ wet tubing, or armatures) - these options will have to be custom ordered. She is cast is Ecoflex 20 shore hardness with slacker added, making her softer (unless specifically requested otherwise). If you want to add any of these services, please contact me directly at to makke the changes to your order. 


This preorder is a DOWN-PAYMENT for a total price of 1900 USD. When you pay the down payment, you are added to the preorder list. When your kit has been poured, demolded trimmed and patched, you will rceive your invoice with the balance plus shipping. After this first preorder, we will open the kit up for more casts.


Please review our PURCHASING AGREEMENT here. Kit exchange is not permitted. 

If you are a collector and need an artist to paint the baby, check out this list: Custom job

For additional questions email me at 

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