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You want to buy a baby doll. 
How does that work?

and international list of artists 

I often get requests for custom baby dolls. Creating a baby is a very time-consuming process. I sculpt the baby from a pile of clay, mold and cast a blank kit, paint and root the doll. 


Since I have a busy sculpting schedule as well as all of the work that goes into running my own business, I just don't have the time to devote to creating custom babies. I create about 1 or 2 dolls from each sculpt I produce and offer those for sale on this page: babies-for-adoption

Doll prices depend on the specific doll: size and specials (drink tubing, armatures, hair style ect). A newborn sized silicone baby doll can range 2,000 - 4,500 USD, for example. Vinyl babies usually range 400 to 900 USD.


The rest of the kits from a sculpt I sell as blank, unpainted kits. Many collectors buy a blank kit and send it to their preferred painter to have it custom reborn. I sell blank kits on this page: silicone-kits

As soon as a new sculpt has been molded, I am ready to open the kit for pre-order. 


If you scroll down, you find names of artists of all genres who might be able to help you create your dream baby from one of my kits. For more artist referrals, visit our Facebook group Reborn Emporium.


Be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified as soon as I have a new baby for sale or a new kit is coming out for pre-order. 

General Information: 

For questions, send me an email or Facebook message. Due to high message volume, please allow a day's response time. Thank you!  


  • Shipping costs apply

  • International shipping is available

  • Processing time is according to your specific product. I.e. 4 to 6 weeks for silicone kits

  • Descriptions are listed under each product

  • Payment Plans available upon request

  • Purchase Agreement applies; click here

International List of Artists

Disclaimer: DM-H Studio L.L.C. is not responsible for any business transaction, dealings, communication, or purchase agreements between artists listed here and collectors. DM-H Studio does not receive funds for promoting any one doll artist. Should any participation of spam, fraud, or other shady activity of any persons listed on this page and/or associations with non-reputable links, the persons will be immediately removed, researched, and reported. DM-H Studio does not vouch for any successful transaction and does not prevent theft. You are acknowledging that you are participating voluntarily in using our Website for recommendations and you alone are solely and personally responsible for your results. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgment before applying any recommendation or advice that you may receive on or through our Website.  Please report any issues directly to

Stacey Haskins

Heavenly Babies by Stacey Haskins (Fb)

Laeni Kiriona 

Loved Much Silicones (Fb)


Elisabetta Monari 
Elisabetta's Babies 

Carrie Campagna Frantz 

Sue Ward
Look Alive Reborn (FB)

Samantha Ewan 
Samantha's Royal Nursery


Beatriz Senra (Instagram)

Rosanna Solazzo Eso 


Paula Briggs

Paula Briggs Boo Hoo Silicones

Bianca Watson 

Bibisbabys Rebornbabys Nursery (Fb)

Crystal Fonville

4 Ever Art Dolls by Crystal (Fb)


Charlene Currence

Loving Nursery of Reborns (Fb)


Zoe Vitalia

Luxury Reborn Custom Dolls

Tiffany Nicol
Simply Beautiful Nursery (FB)

Cyndi Wade
Reborn Cradle and Crypts Nursery (FB)


Joanna Langemann Villemere

Enchanted Art Dolls (Fb)

Anne Cameron 
Thistledown Nursery (FB)

Renee Mackintosh
Studios of Renee Mack

Cat Johnson 
Cat Creations Dolls (FB)

Cheryl Martin 
Cheryl's Babies (FB)

Tom McLaughlin 
Tom McLaughlin on FB & Silicone Art (MaterialsRepairs and Repainting, Fb)

Chan L Venter

Little Piglets Reborn Nursery

Sasha Kitz Olovyannikova

Lil Foal Nursery

Rebecca Cunningham

Jessa Mart 
Reborn by Jessa (FB)

Stephanie Zarate
Deadly Devine Dolly's (FB; alternative dolls)

Angie Carpenter

Laurie Duncan 
Laurie Duncan (FB)

Delmy Cortez 
Candy Sweet Babies


Priscilla Anna

Artful Baby Reborns by Priscilla Anne (Fb)

Ginger Patten-Atherton
Mamma Bear’s Reborn Nursery

Renata Baillie
Precious Creations

Jennifer Hubbers

Reborn Dolls Malta Nursery

Carmen Bernier

Carmen Bernier Artista Reborn

Christine Woolley


Pilar Arias

Creando Bebes

Adriana Moreno

Reborns A&A

Sally SA Griffths 

Butterfly Baby Dreams Nursery

Gail Brown Raines


Bonnie Bel

Bonnie Bel Reborn Artist (Fb)

Almudena Gomez

Misbbborn almudena creaciones reborn

Plumes DU Ciel Nursery Reborn


Leonor Perez Martin

El Rincon Del Bebe Reborn (Fb)

Maria Valle Escudero

Tienda Reborn Munecos Realistas (Fb)

Shelley Wade

Shelleys Magical Nursery

Christine Lavill

Cherishable Angels

Ana Belen Ruiz Ruiz Solis 

(Fb, vinyl dolls)

Desiree Henderson 

Buddha Babies Reborn Nursery (Fb)

Susana Poza Wahl

Susana's Reborn Passion (Fb)

Daniela Boshof

Dani's Little Babys (Fb)

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