Are you searching for an artist to paint your blank kit
but not sure where to look? 

I often get requests for custom baby dolls. Since I have a busy sculpting schedule, I don't have the time to reborn a baby for everyone, I created this page. Here you find artists of all genres who might be able to help you create your dream baby if I wasn't able to help you. For more artist referrals, visit our Facebook group Reborn Emporium.

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Elisabetta Monari 
Eliabetta's Babies 

Carrie Campagna Frantz 

Sue Ward
Look Alive Reborn (FB)

Meagan Denton 
Reborns by Meagan (FB page)

Rosanna Solazzo Eso 

Tiffany Nicol
Simply Beautiful Nursery (FB)

Cyndi Wade
Reborn Cradle and Crypts Nursery (FB)

Anne Cameron 
Thistledown Nursery (FB)

Renee Mackintosh
Studios of Renee Mack

Cat Johnson 
Cat Creations Dolls (FB)

Cheryl Martin 
Chemar Silicone Art Dolls (FB)

Tom McLaughlin 
Tom McLaughlin on FB & Silicone Art MaterialsRepairs and Repainting

Ashley Noelle Stone
Reborn Kisses Art Dolls by Ashley Noelle Stone 

Jessa Mart 
Reborn by Jessa (FB)

Stephanie Zarate
Deadly Devine Dolly's (FB; alternative dolls)

Almudena Gomez 
Almudena Gomez (FB)

Laurie Duncan 
Laurie Duncan (FB)

Delmy Cortez 
Candy Sweet Babies