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"Zoey Love" - full body silicone baby doll (COMPLETED DOLL)

"Zoey Love" - full body silicone baby doll (COMPLETED DOLL)


11 pound chubby little girl!! 21 inches in length: utter LOVE! She makes my heart skip a beat!


This first version of Zoey Love is rooted with curly mohair and painted with Platsil Gel 00 (silicone base paint from Polytek). She was cast in straight eco20 and is a bit stiffer. She was the first kit cast. For that reason I am offering her at a budget price.


This doll has peeky eyes (half round glass eyes, newborn grey). She has upper AND lower gums and long eye lashes. Her paint work is not as flawless as I would like it to be, but that takes nothing from her beauty and charm. Toes and fingers are separated as shown in the videos. SHe has painted nails and mohair eye brows that are laid-in. HEr hair should not be brushed but should be arranged in curls to avoid tangles. 


Before making this purchase, please review everything carefully, contact me with questions, and review my purchasing agreement 

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